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About Us

Watergull Orchards are a family business who concentrate on producing a high quality English apple juice. Our apple juice is made from the finest apples, ALL of which have been grown in Cambridgeshire.

The apple juice is pressed on the farm soon after the apples have been picked. Our process is very simple, we hand select the best quality apples which are then washed and crushed into fine pulp prior to pressing in our 30 tonne press. The apple juice is then bottled and pasteurised awaiting distribution. From apple to juice in under 36 hours!

We produce over 20 varieties of high quality apple juice. Our pure apple juice is both delicious and healthy and contain no added sweeteners, preservatives or colouring's. We are an allergen free site therefore using no yeast in our ciders too.

In more recent years we have begun producing cider of which we have over 10 varieties again produced with the same high quality apples we use to make our juice.

Please browse through further pages to find out more about our apple juice and other apple related products, see our production methods, see the history of the apple varieties we use, along with other information.

If you would like to know anything further then please contact us.

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