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Pasture's new... or Orchards

So, we've decided to try something new, writing a blog for Watergull Orchards.

For those of you that are interested it will hopefully keep you up to date and in the know with what's going on down the farm or when Watergull Orchards are out and about.

We're currently quite busy (really, really busy). We have been since we had our first bottle delivery back in August. From that point on we've had apples coming in thick and fast, ready to be juiced over the coming months. We're getting there now though and all looking forward to a well earned rest at Christmas.

Watergull Orchards had Ely Apple Day back in October which is probably the highlight of our year. Not only do we get to spend the whole day basking in the glory of apples everyone else does too and they get to buy some of our lovely Cambridgeshire apple juice

Ely Cathedral Xmas Fair

. It was a great day for Watergull and despite the weather worries in the build up to the main event we were really quite lucky. What was meant to be a wet and stormy weekend was a blustery, sunny autumnal Saturday. On the Sunday the team were up and out early again for the Cambridge Botanic gardens apple day. Again, the weather held out and it was a bustling successful event.

Now we're at the end of November almost, we can almost taste Christmas dinner it's so close. Thursday to Saturday of last week was spent in the beautiful Ely Cathedral at the Christmas Gift & Food Fair. A chilly but festive weekend gearing up to the big day in just over 4 weeks time. I'm sure plenty of people went away with a good haul of gifts for their loved ones, there are lots of people who have Watergull Orchards apple juice or cider for Christmas this year.

What have Watergull Orchards got left to do in the build up to Christmas then, well there's more Christmas related event's that we are attending so keep your eye's on our 'What's On' page for updates. We have plenty of juice still to make and even a little cider to throw in to the mix.

Better do some work... first I think I'll have some mulled spiced apple juice.

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